About iF

iF Elektronik Ltd. (iF) is a management consulting, business research, and systems integration organization, serving private corporations and public agencies in Turkey, the Middle East, Gulf Countries and CIS States. The Company’s distinctive focus is to identify and optimise integrated economic, technical and organizational solutions tailored to the business needs of financial and industrial institutions.

Established in 1981 by the Karadogan family headed and managed by Orhan Karadogan, iF has demonstrated an ability to work across the entire spectrum of client requirements, from strategic policy analysis to the writing of custom applications code, from merger and acquisition planning to the design of more cost-effective retail distribution system architectures, and from operations audits to the development and implementation management of complete automated network systems, including arbitrations between suppliers and buyers.

Combined with the keen involvement to keep up to date with the new developments and technologies in the computer industry, the vast experience of our carefully selected and fully trained professionals provide an exceptional information pool for all needs within the market.

iF provides planning and engineering support through all phases of the projects. Once the projects reach the operations phase, the provision of maintenance engineering can be tailored to suit any specification required.

iF also provides Business Development Consultancy services to the vendors who are eager to develop their services in the region. Developing business in today’s turbulent times and expanding it in different parts of the world is tough because trying to predict the future is difficult. Our consultancy in this arena focuses on the strategies needed to use rapid changes as opportunities for productive and profitable action. These changes are not just occurring to the companies you but to the customers as well; so the better their business challenges are understood – the stronger the penetration into this part of the world.