We visited Pakistan’s capital city Islamabad and met with Mr. Pervez Ehsan. Meeting with several companies and organizations, we have come to an understanding to cooperate on several sectors and products in Pakistan’s development and progress.

iF in Islamabad

iF visited Iran as sanctions are lifted and Iran opens its doors to foreign investors. Samix will be iF‘s partner in Iran and follow IT projects especially in banking as Iran integrates into the international system.

iF Visits Iran

Orhan Karadogan visited Morocco to cut a deal with Omar Filali of Navitas Consulting in Morocco. Omar will cover Gabon and Senegal as well, to explore business opportunities for IT products and services.

iF in Morocco

Alhamrani Universal CEO Tariq Abdat and Vice President Dr. Husam Yaghi visited Istanbul in June 2015. They expressed their appreciation on the level of maturity Turkish IT companies have reached. BTHaber published an interview conducted by Mr. Abdat and Dr. Husam (Link).  

Alhamrani Visits Istanbul