iF and Alhamrani

iF Elektronik and Alhamrani Group relations go back to 1986.  Alhamrani, one of the biggest holding companies in Saudi Arabia (universal.com.sa) set up Universal as a technology provider for the Group. Led by Orhan Karadogan, Alhamrani Universal has been a major player in the IT sector in Saudi Arabia.

In April 2015, Alhamrani declared its intent to invest in Turkey and Turkish IT companies. Having chosen iF Elektronik as its main partner for this undertaking, Alhamrani top management paid several visits to assess the Turkish IT market and directly invest in or finance companies which are successful in their fields but haven’t found the opportunity to expand into international markets. During the process, to streamline business operations in Saudi Arabia and Turkey, Mr Orhan Karadogan, iF’s founder and CEO was assigned as Chief Technology Officer of Alhamrani Group. He has also started restructuring efforts in Alhamrani Group to change and align the organization with the new mindset to reach established goals.

Since the beginning of the project, iF interviewed and evaluated more than 100 companies in the IT sector in Turkey. Distribution and / or reseller agreements have been signed with several companies whose products and services will be marketed by Alhamrani Universal in Saudi Arabia.

iF also completed evaluation reports for 5 companies that Alhamrani may directly invest in. Final decisions will be made by Alhamrani top management in 2016.