Strategic/Business Forecasting and Planning:
  • Definition and assessment of business opportunities
  • Operation analysis
  • Financial forecasting
  • Long-range environmental forecasting, and policy analysis
Market and Competitive Analysis:
  • Development of pricing strategies
  • Analysis of legal and regulatory issues
  • Research on market demographics
  • Consumer expectations, and competitive relationships
Product Development and Profitability Studies:
  • Market requirements definition
  • Technical and economic feasibility analysis
  • Development of comprehensive cost/revenue models for determining product profitability
  • Conceptual design, and planning
  • Market research required to translate product ideas to reality
System and Software Services:
  • Valuation and development of systems architectures
  • Systems design, and custom applications software
  • Implementation support services in most areas of data processing and data communications
Network Design and Implementation Management:
  • Design, specification, and evaluation of computer/communications networks
  • Infrastructure, message switching systems, hubs, routers, bridges real-time transaction processing systems
  • Data-base management systems.
Other Management Services:
  • Planning and execution of diversification/acquisition decisions
  • Hardware and software vendor analysis
  • Design and conduct of proprietary workshop
  • Executive seminars
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO) Services
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Services
Security Audit:
  • Consultancy services for all security issues and threats to business continuity
  • Security audit
  • ISO 27001 design and implementation studies



iF provides business development consultancy services to the vendors eager to expand their services in Turkey, Middle East, Iran, West Africa, Lebanon, Pakistan and New Republics of Former Soviet Union (CIS Countries). Developing business in today’s turbulent times and expanding it in different parts of the world is tough because trying to predict the future is difficult. Our consultancy in this arena focuses on the strategies needed to use rapid changes as opportunities for productive and profitable action. These changes are not just occurring to the companies but to the customers as well; so the better their business challenges are understood – the stronger the penetration into this part of the world.

Our Services include:

  • Market and Competitive Analysis
  • Setting up marketing teams
  • Follow up projects
  • Office Services
  • Human Resource Consultancy
  • Management Consultancy and Services
  • Acting International Sales Director or VP
  • Tender preparation Support
  • Training (concepts culture and approach to the market)
  • Publishing
  • Roadshows and Conference
  • Awareness Activities (TV-Magazines-Newspapers-Electronic Bulletin Services)
  • Evaluation reports for investment
  • Due diligence
  • Setting up distributor networks



iF Elektronik Ltd (iF) also supports young and innovative companies throughout their various phases of development. iF actively works with such companies across the region to obtain venture or start-up financing, and also has the capacity to invest its own capital in new ventures with the appropriate risk/return profile. Our aim is to finance new and rapidly growing companies, use our vast experience to assist in the development of new products or services, and add value to these companies through active participation in the management or board, as appropriate. Looking to create future technological/industrial leaders, iF can also play an important role working with companies that plan to grow via mergers & acquisitions. iF believes that technology companies will not be successful without vast resources in terms of capital, experience, and qualified manpower. Our unparallelled network of connections extends beyond our geographic remit into core centres of venture capital, including San Francisco, New York, and London.

iF can also play an important role for US or European venture-backed technology companies as they look to enter our core geographic markets. Our strong experience in Turkey and the region allows us to be the premier partner of choice for venture-backed companies during every phase of value creation.

Finally, iF offers project-based due diligence and advisory services to US or European venture capital and private equity firms looking to make acquisitions or complete buyouts in Turkey and the region. For a summary of our experience across a wide variety of sectors, please refer to the References section