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MEIR is a system developed to register all mobile devices, especially mobile phones, that carry an IMEI number and can be directly connected to the GSM network. Since the registration process is done according to the IMEI number, it does not contain personal data and does not harm the security of the users. MEIR was developed by Oratech for BTK in Turkey and has been operating successfully since 2008.

The MEIR system was needed for the following reasons:

• Devices that were smuggled into the country were losing tax to the state.
• Cell phone theft was common as stolen devices could be illegally traded
• There was unfair competition in the market due to smuggling.
• Non-standard devices could enter the country (eg emit high radiation) and endanger public health.
• Due to the lack of a central system, the required inspection of GSM operators
could not be done (illegal or unauthorized base station installation/transport, license
tracking fees, etc.)

MEIR solved all these problems and guaranteed the state’s tax revenue from mobile device imports and trade; It has contributed to general security by preventing the trade of stolen-lost-fake phones and to the economy by providing order in this market.